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CraftBot, is an open-source Discord bot

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Extensibility Base supports plugins, for extending the bot with new commands
Profiles Profile pages for Discord 4chan Allows browsing of 4chan inside Discord
TheCatAPI Get cute cat pictures
Quoting 4chan-like quoting of Discord messages
Take someone's honor Show that someone just got fucked
Localization Responses translated by the community
Translation Google Translate inside Discord

Special Features

MessengerGeek Discord
MessengerGeek Feed Posts the latest posts to a channel
Emoji Leaderboard Counts how many :P, you've typed

Wanna contribute?

CraftBot is at the moment only developed by me. If you want to, here are multiple ways to contribute.

Help translating into langauges Read the translation contribution tutorial to learn more
Help reporting broken features Submit issues to GitHub, informing developers what's broken
Help developing new features Check out the GitHub repository on how to code new features
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