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Public Contact List

Public Contact List is a program designed to help you find new contacts, featuring filtering of contacts to your needs.
Mininum Requirements
The API that PCL uses is publicly available to everyone as well. See the API Documentation here.
Web Client
Web Client for PCL, please note that this is not supported yet, and is still work in prgoress. You can access it here.
Change Logs
  • Lower resolution display pictures! This is not a bug. Display pictures that are over 67x67 will be resized to 67 pixels while maintaining its aspect ratio.
  • Contact entries deleted! Also not a bug. Contacts with no email address assigned (weird edge case but ok) will be removed off the API, resulting to deletion.
  • data.json isn't cancer to Visual Studio anymore Basically display pictures are stored as separate .PNG files now. Not really important to point out but if anyone wonders about the internals.
  • Welcome to ObjectListView, the control that will be used the most while using PCL.
  • Registration on PCL requires you now to claim accounts.
  • Better privacy, by only sending the contact's email address on single contact request.
  • GDPR consent dialog
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